• How can I send fan letters and presents to VSPO! members?

    Please send fan letters and/or presents to the address below
    Additional notes:
    - Make it a special occasion (members birthday or other celebratory events)
    - Objects containing personal information will not be handed over to the members
    - Internet handles (e.g.: @X) are acceptable
    *Following deliberations by our management team, we have decided to cease accepting physical gifts starting May 31, 2024, due to concerns regarding privacy protection and security.

    VSPO! Office
    Present for: [Member Name]
    Shimizu Building 5F, Ikejiri 2-31-20, Setagaya-ku
    Tokyo, Japan

    Postal / ZIP Code: 154-0001
    Please make sure to specify which member you want to send your letter or present to.

    Presents must be directly shipped from e-commerce sites. Items received via another method will not be accepted.

    In addition to the above condition, the following items will also not be accepted:
    Food and drinks
    Cash, gift certificates, prepaid cards, discount tickets
    Opened or used items
    Large or heavy items that are difficult to carry
    Items that require refrigeration or freezing
    Items to be applied to the skin (cosmetics, perfume, bath additives, medicines, etc.)
    Plushies or Pillows
    Dangerous items (gunpowder, fireworks, knives)
    Living or raw things (animals, plants, insects) *Including fresh flowers
    Self-made CDs, DVDs, etc.
    Electronic devices
    Items judged to be too expensive by the management (products that exceed about 20,000 yen per item)
    Other items deemed inappropriate by the management.

    Presents included in a fan letter will be regarded as used items and will be discarded, and only the fan letter will be handed over.
    Thank you for your kind cooperation.
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